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What is Cupcakes for Life?

Cupcakes for Life is a movement designed to spark conversations specifically about the children who never get to have a birthday.  In case you didn’t know, for every three children that get a birthday, one is never allowed.  So we decided to do something to remember all these birthday-less children: celebrate their birthdays every year on October 9th! Seriously, who can object to an excuse to make more cupcakes? Its a great way to use something simple (like a cupcake) to talk about something that really matters (making sure every child gets to have a birthday!).

Here’s how we celebrate: once a year, on October 9th, we would bake as many birthday cupcakes as humanly possible and hand them out for free wherever we can.  When people asked whose birthday it is, we tell them these cupcakes are for celebrating the birthdays of every person who never gets to have a birthday.  People respond in all ways – from refusing the cupcake, to sharing about abortions they’ve had in the past and the regret they carry, to just wanting to know more.

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