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Cupcakes for Life in Paragould-Jonesboro, AR

We celebrated the 1st Annual Paragould-Jonesboro National Pro-Life Cupcake Day with the distribution of 300 information cards and over 600 cupcakes! Personal delivery was made to 3 women ‘s crisis centers, 3 businesses to reach young professionals, 2 homeless shelters, and one public site in each city. We received many encouraging comments, minimal negativity (from […]

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Cupcakes for Life in Clarinda, IA

viagra Two weeks ago, on Sunday, October 9th, many people across the nation took the day to remember all the babies who have been aborted.  This was started by an organization called Cupcakes for Life (  That day is basically the honorary birthday of all those babies who never got to live their own life.  Unfortunately, […]

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Cupcakes for Life – Arkansas!

By: Hannah Trice Twenty-four hundred cupcakes. I honestly didn’t know how it could happen. Just two weeks before I had been told I was getting over mono (no worries, I didn’t bake it into the cupcakes!) , and we were still trying to get all the pass-out sites set in stone. The details were sketchy, […]

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Cupcakes and Kids

By Edna Baker We didn’t bake a million cupcakes, just a batch of 24. Ida picked carrot cake and cream cheese icing. For a 7 year old, she’s pretty incredible! In our town of 1100 people, we found people working in their yards, walking down the street, and just getting home from work. The committed […]

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Cupcakes for Life 2011 – Dallas

By: Ann Baker Every year on October 9th, students all across the country join together to celebrate the pro-life event National Pro-Life Cupcake Day. This year the Save the Storks team, along with a group of middle school and high school students, gathered together in Dallas, TX to put our hands into action to decorate […]

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Cupcakes for Life Summer Tour!

This summer, the Cupcake for Life team went on tour with Live Offensively and Save the Storks to Christian music festivals all over the country!  We went everywhere from Kentucky to Pennsylvania to Washington state to New Hampshire! Our days were filled with selling t-shirts, meeting students and getting people excited about Cupcakes for Life […]

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