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Cupcakes for Life in Clarinda, IA

viagra Two weeks ago, on Sunday, October 9th, many people across the nation took the day to remember all the babies who have been aborted.  This was started by an organization called Cupcakes for Life (  That day is basically the honorary birthday of all those babies who never got to live their own life.  Unfortunately, […]

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Cupcakes for Life – Arkansas!

By: Hannah Trice Twenty-four hundred cupcakes. I honestly didn’t know how it could happen. Just two weeks before I had been told I was getting over mono (no worries, I didn’t bake it into the cupcakes!) , and we were still trying to get all the pass-out sites set in stone. The details were sketchy, […]

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What did YOU do on October 9th, 2011?

We’ve told you all about what our team did down here in Dallas, and now it’s your turn!  We want to hear your stories about how you celebrated life and took opportunities to have authentic conversations with people about the issues of life.  Email us stories and pictures to

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Bulk T-Shirt Orders

Don’t forget to order your Cupcakes for Life t-shirts in bulk from Live Offensively! ( E-mail or call about special group rates: or 414.788.8093

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Keep Going!

It’s coming to be crunch time around here, as I’m sure it is for all of you as well. It can be discouraging when things don’t come together as you originally planned. We know this, too. Already this week, we have had to change our location to bake our cupcakes three times because people have […]

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Cupcakes for Life is only days away! For those of you who are looking for quick solutions for flyers to hand out, go to the new Get Involved tab and click on Get the Word Out – we have free, printable flyers there that you can use! I am also posting the old cards from […]

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Cupcake Mix Drive

Hey there everyone! For those of you in the Dallas area – we are collecting box mixes of cake/cupcake mix to make our cupcakes on October 8th. If you are interested in donating a box mix or 5, or maybe some frosting, give us a call at 425.829.3508, and we will gladly pick coordinate picking […]

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Cupcakes for Life in Dallas, Texas!

Hey everyone! I hope you are getting more and more excited every day to bake cupcakes and hand them out in the name of Life!  Now is crunch time to be collecting supplies, advertising and getting the word out! Because most of our team is in Dallas, working on the Stork project, we have decided […]

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