Cupcakes for Life in Paragould-Jonesboro, AR

We celebrated the 1st Annual Paragould-Jonesboro National Pro-Life Cupcake Day with the distribution of 300 information cards and over 600 cupcakes! Personal delivery was made to 3 women ‘s crisis centers, 3 businesses to reach young professionals, 2 homeless shelters, and one public site in each city.

We received many encouraging comments, minimal negativity (from an attorney), and lots of icing-laced smiles.

I was blessed to have 2 wonderful pro-life teammates – Bethany Moss, my daughter, and Catherine Kozubski, my son’s girlfriend. Our common prayer, spoken aloud, was to bless each hand that received a cupcake or a card with love of life, especially the unborn.

Thank you for creating this opportunity.

Arlinda Boyd

Cupcakes for Life in Paragould

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Cupcakes for Life in Clarinda, IA

Two weeks ago, on Sunday, October 9th, many people across the nation took the day to remember all the babies who have been aborted.  This was started by an organization called Cupcakes for Life (  That day is basically the honorary birthday of all those babies who never got to live their own life.  Unfortunately, 1 in 4 babies are killed before they are born.  Cupcakes for Life sees the importance of these babies as children of God.  They hand out cupcakes, “as many as humanly possible”, and share the message of life with everyone they can.

Well, this year we got involved.  At the Clarinda Hy-Vee that Sunday, Alexia McAndrews, her sister Michaela, Taylor Prather, Courtney Mosier, my brother Hunter, and I set up our lovely little cupcake stand.  The Hy-Vee bakery had made us 300 cupcakes, complete with pink and blue frosting, to sell for $1 each.  We had no idea how many we’d sell, but planned on being there for 6 hours and giving the extras back to Hy-Vee so they could pack and sell them.  Well, that didn’t happen.  After only three hours, all 300 cupcakes were sold.  Hy-Vee made us 92 more cupcakes, and we still sold out of those before our 6 hours were up!

Randy and Erin Montgomery came to Hy-Vee that day and gave us two dollars, with the instructions to give free cupcakes to the next two kids that walked in.  About 10 minutes later, a family with two children, a boy and a girl, walk in.  As the mom approaches us, she says, “I’m really sorry, but I forgot my wallet!  We really believe in and support your cause though.”  After we explained what the Montgomerys had done and gave the kids their cupcakes, we started talking with the parents.  Come to find out, their oldest daughter had been adopted after they had couldn’t conceive their own child.  Then, as a result of all three of their prayers, they had conceived and given birth to their son!  The way it played out had been just perfect, from the two kids coming in next, to the mom forgetting her wallet!  But of course, isn’t God’s timing always perfect?  Randy and Erin came back to the store later, and after we told them the success story of their $2 donation, they gave us $20 more and told us to do the same for the next 20 kids!

We made over $330 that day, and with it, we’re going to buy LOTS of diapers for the Pregnancy Resource Clinic in St. Joseph, MO.  The PRC is a Christian organization that works to stop women from getting abortions.  From their website: “Pregnancy Resource Clinic provides compassionate care, practical help and accurate information to women who believe they’re pregnant and who may be considering abortion. We offer help without judgment and a path to Christ, both in word and deed.”  They go through $200-$300 worth of diapers every week while providing for these new mothers and babies!

It wasn’t because of the six of us that we raised this money though. That glory goes, first and foremost, to God.  I have no doubt that He was working that day!  Our thanks also go out to everyone who bought cupcakes or donated money that day!  We really appreciate you guys.  I mean, maybe some of you guys would’ve bought a cupcake no matter what it was for, but your money is going to a very good cause: Babies!

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Cupcakes for Life – Arkansas!

By: Hannah Trice

Twenty-four hundred cupcakes. I honestly didn’t know how it could happen. Just two weeks before I had been told I was getting over mono (no worries, I didn’t bake it into the cupcakes!) , and we were still trying to get all the pass-out sites set in stone. The details were sketchy, at best. But here it was, all coming together.

My sweet helper and I with the start of the cupcakes

We started the process at my house, where we were able to bake around twelve batches…not frosted. My mom makes cakes for weddings and birthdays, so she has things like this down to an art. It was fantastic. We then headed to a local church that had so graciously opened up their commercial kitchen to us. We divided up into teams when we arrived. Since we already had hundreds of cupcakes to decorate, we had people frosting, mixing, pouring batter, and watching the cupcakes in the ovens. We even had someone who just washed the dishes. Everyone took on a servant’s heart and we were able to bake even more cupcakes. One of our leaders, a man who has a a passion for the sanctity of life, prayed over the cupcakes and the group. We then brought the cupcakes back to my house to be passed out. My gracious there were sooo many…

70 cupcakes in each white box, 30 in the brown…and that’s not even all of them.

The next day, we had people drop off cupcakes that they had made at home. Not only did that bring our cupcake total up, but it also added some more variety to the mix. We were so blessed to have so many willing volunteers.

My little sisters reppin’ the cupcakes shirts behind one of our cupcake tables! No, it wasn’t raining. It was sunny and hot!

I want to be clear with you. The point of National Cupcakes for Life day is NOT to see just how many cupcakes you can make. While I was extremely blessed and impressed at what God did with our big numbers, the most important thing is planting a seed in the hearts of those who take the cupcakes…to get them to think about personhood, and the sanctity of life.

My family and other amazing volunteers at our Fall Festival site!

The cupcakes were passed out at multiple sites. Our main sites were at a local Christian bookstore and a Fall festival being put on by a school. It was encouraging being at the bookstore, since most of the people were pro-life. Our goal was to get them to actually think about why they were pro-life. Telling someone that they are eating a cupcake to celebrate the birthday of someone who was killed because of abortion can be sobering. That was the general effect. One woman was even moved to tears. You never know what someone has been through. We hopefully touched more people than we’ll ever know.

Fantastic volunteers at the bookstore! The cupcakes aren’t on the table because the frosting would have melted!

We had a little more opposition at the festival. Since it was open to the community, the crowd was a little more diverse. One woman wouldn’t take a cupcake, and shook her head saying “wow, that’s heavy”, then moved on with her children. One man said he wouldn’t like a cupcake for life, but he’d “take a cupcake for choice”, if we had any of those. We didn’t engage him, he moved on in peace. Another woman strongly disapproved of our beliefs. It was a little frustrating, but OK. Any response like that assures us that we made someone think.

More volunteers at the Festival! That entire table had been covered with cupcakes multiple times. we were able to reach a lot of people while there.

We were also able to pass out cupcakes at a local Christian school. We passed out to a large group of HS students during their lunch period. We had a lot of positive response, but we also had a little opposition. The Crisis Pregnancy Center where I volunteer helped to support the event, and my director came with us to the school with some information about the center. A lot of students took information on abortion, abstinence, and STDs. One girl complained that the school supported the CPC, but would kick a student out if she were to get pregnant. I had never thought about how getting kicked out of school would be a strong motivation to get an abortion. Obviously something we need to think about. The issue there would be to get them to think about staying abstinent. How do you set a school policy that would encourage girls to keep their children, but not without loosening the rules so that they feel being sexually active is OK? And what about in the case of rape? It caused me to wonder…I’ll be doing some research. My director has all the pics from that event, I’ll try and share some I’m able to get a hold of them.

After we finished passing out at the school, some cupcakes were sent to a nursing home, a daycare, and to an event were international students meet for Christian fellowship. Even if everyone receiving the cupcakes didn’t understand exactly what they were about, I hope they at least remember gave them to them. That’s another goal of Cupcakes for Life…one of the main ones for the Central Arkansas event. We needed to give the pro-life movement a positive face. We love women, we don’t hate them. We care for people in a genuine way. That’s what we really wanted people to know.

The last place to receive cupcakes was my church’s youth choir. The choir is open to anyone who wants to join, 7th-12th grade, not just my church. We have a group of about sixty or more, all different ages. I got up in front of the group and talked to them about the cupcakes, then stood in the back to pass them out. One girl had never heard the word “abortion” before. I hope a door was opened for her to ask her parents more. The most rewarding response was when a girl of about fourteen walked up and shared that she and her sister had been adopted. She knew that she was almost one of those children. That her birthday could have been one of the ones celebrated by the cupcakes. She was a live, and so thankful that we were there.

Big shout out to all the volunteers, and to Ann and Joe Baker, two of the brains behind the idea of Cupcakes for Life. I was privileged to meet them at the CareNet conference, and they an amazing couple. I’ll be sharing more of their projects soon! Thank you all so much for your prayers, encouragement, and support. I really couldn’t do it without your love. I live on love. This is a hard movement, but together we can change the heart of society. We just have to plant the seeds and let Him do the work.


Hannah T.

Until next year…



For more by Hannah Trice, check out:

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What did YOU do on October 9th, 2011?

We’ve told you all about what our team did down here in Dallas, and now it’s your turn!  We want to hear your stories about how you celebrated life and took opportunities to have authentic conversations with people about the issues of life.  Email us stories and pictures to

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Cupcakes and Kids

By Edna Baker

We didn’t bake a million cupcakes, just a batch of 24. Ida picked carrot cake and cream cheese icing. For a 7 year old, she’s pretty incredible! In our town of 1100 people, we found people working in their yards, walking down the street, and just getting home from work.

The committed Catholics were the most receptive to a birthday celebration for aborted babies. Many others were just surprised that on a beautiful sunny day in Illinois we would even mention these little lives that are snuffed out way too early. Hardly anybody talks about abortion. Everybody avoids it. Even I would rather not think about little babies being killed by mothers, fathers, grandparents, and “friends”… But our 7 and 3 year old girls sure have a lot of questions! Really, if we are honest, who doesn’t think abortion is absolutely crazy?

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Cupcakes for Life 2011 – Dallas

By: Ann Baker

Every year on October 9th, students all across the country join together to celebrate the pro-life event National Pro-Life Cupcake Day. This year the Save the Storks team, along with a group of middle school and high school students, gathered together in Dallas, TX to put our hands into action to decorate cupcakes in the name of life!

Daryl and I spent Friday afternoon and evening baking delicious chocolate and vanilla cupcakes at her house. After about four batches, we devised a flawless two-man system, perfecting the results of our combined domestic skills. We must have made at least 40 batches of cupcakes by the time it was all said and done. Needless to say, Daryl’s kitchen was a tiny bit messy 🙂

On Saturday morning, Joe, Daryl, Dave and I (The Dallas Stork Team) headed over to the Uptown Women’s Center, one of the most beautiful and revolutionary pro-life facilities in the country. The director, Selena, was so gracious to open the center and allow us to use the kitchen for the day.

We had a small, wonderful group of students and young adults join us at the Uptown Women’s Center. In addition to frosting, decorating, and eating cupcakes, we had discussions on purity, sexuality, and abortion. Dave and Joe even taught one of the younger male students to make an awesome paper airplane! I think they had had enough of all the ‘girl’ stuff .

Cupcakes for Life was a success! We had bright frosting colors and all the sprinkles you could imagine, and the girls had a great time doodling in the frosting. In the end, we decorated over 700 cupcakes in the name of life!

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Bulk T-Shirt Orders

Don’t forget to order your Cupcakes for Life t-shirts in bulk from Live Offensively! ( E-mail or call about special group rates: or 414.788.8093

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Keep Going!

It’s coming to be crunch time around here, as I’m sure it is for all of you as well. It can be discouraging when things don’t come together as you originally planned. We know this, too. Already this week, we have had to change our location to bake our cupcakes three times because people have backed out on us. It can be nerve wracking and frustrating. For any of you who are worried about how this is all going to turn out – take heart. Here are two verses that we have all been encouraged by around here:

“Trust in the LORD with all your heart. and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your way acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.” -Proverbs 3:5-6

When things seem like they are not going the way you want to, trust. Shape your worries in to prayers, let God know what is going on and trust that He will take care of those things! We are excited to see how God will bring our event together this year, provide the supplies to make the cupcakes, and use them to encourage and embolden students to reach people with the love of Christ.

“And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.” -Galatians 6:9

Whenever you get discouraged, remember the fruit you will reap when you get amazing opportunities to share truth and hope with people that you may not normally get a chance to talk to. Pray that God will use everything you bring to him this year, and make it fruitful and bless you for it! We are praying for you all here!

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