Cupcakes for Life is only days away! For those of you who are looking for quick solutions for flyers to hand out, go to the new Get Involved tab and click on Get the Word Out – we have free, printable flyers there that you can use! I am also posting the old cards from last year if you would prefer to use those.

Thanks, guys!

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Cupcake Mix Drive

Hey there everyone!

For those of you in the Dallas area – we are collecting box mixes of cake/cupcake mix to make our cupcakes on October 8th. If you are interested in donating a box mix or 5, or maybe some frosting, give us a call at 425.829.3508, and we will gladly pick coordinate picking up your donation! I am including a flyer, feel free to pass it around to your friends and get the word out there!

For everyone who does NOT live in Dallas -feel free to do your own Cake Mix drive with small groups, Sunday school classes, prolife clubsm whoever. You can also use this flyer, just fill in the necessary information for picking up donations!

I hope you’re all getting excited for this year!


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Cupcakes for Life in Dallas, Texas!

Hey everyone!

I hope you are getting more and more excited every day to bake cupcakes and hand them out in the name of Life!  Now is crunch time to be collecting supplies, advertising and getting the word out!

Because most of our team is in Dallas, working on the Stork project, we have decided to focus most of our attention on hitting up Dallas with cupcakes.  Gabby Simmons is going to head up our New York city event.  The rest of us are going to be doing things a little bit differently than last year.  Our team is going to spend all of Friday just baking cupcakes in a large kitchen at a church.  Then, on Saturday, we are going to host a bunch of youth groups form the Dallas/Ft. Worth area at the Uptown Women’s Center and bake and frost cupcakes, as well as host seminars on faith, risk, purity, evangelism, personal devotions and other relevant topics.

The students will then be able to take their cupcakes home to hand out either in the community or at their schools.  Our team will be handing out our cupcakes in downtown Dallas on Sunday, so let us know if you are in the area!

Keep up the good work!

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Cupcakes for Life Summer Tour!

This summer, the Cupcake for Life team went on tour with Live Offensively and Save the Storks to Christian music festivals all over the country!  We went everywhere from Kentucky to Pennsylvania to Washington state to New Hampshire! Our days were filled with selling t-shirts, meeting students and getting people excited about Cupcakes for Life this year!  Now it is time to start preparing to mass produce cupcakes to make this the biggest event yet! Last October, the Cupcakes for Life team traveled to New York City to make over 1,400 cupcakes and hand out in Time Square to spark conversations about why we are pro-life and choose to celebrate the birthdays of those who never get a chance to have a birthday. This year, Cupcakes for Life is returning to New York City to go bigger and better!.  But we can’t do it without your help!  Check out all the new ways you can get involved this year and help make Cupcakes for Life bigger than it’s ever been before!

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