Plan an Event

Now that you know what Cupcakes for Life is all about, it’s time to make a move and plan an event of your own! The great thing about Cupcakes for Life is you can do it however you want. With 5 people or 50. With 12 cupcakes or 1200. You can give them away in the city among strangers or at school with friends. Depending on the cupcake giveaway location, you may have a lot of freedom as to how big you make your presentation. You really don’t need very much to do an event as far as materials go. Cupcakes are the essential part. To make your event have a greater impact, some information cards or flyers are good to hand out, making “Free Cupcakes” signs and cupcake t-shirts make it even better, and if you want to go all in you can order a large “National Pro-Life Cupcake Day” banner. If you have any other ideas or questions please email us!

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