Info Cards

Info cards are a great way to let people know why you are giving away cupcakes. We sell the shiny cardstock flyers at cost, $10 for 100 cards, which includes shipping. They are double sided, colorful, and are a sure way to catch some attention. They also help people find us if they are interested in doing their own event.

Please contact Joe Baker at (414)-788-8093 to place an order.

It is okay to make personalized promotional material for your event. However, Cupcakes for Life is not copyrighted, so we ask that you promote views consistent with those found on the website, along with the web domain of to be used as a resource to others. Thanks!

Download: Cupcakes for Life Printable Card 1
Download: Cupcakes for Life Printable Card 2
Download: Cupcakes for Life Printable Cards

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